IELTS Training

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Service Description

Free Training Strategy Discussion
Lets have a free Talk on SKYPE to know whether YOU really get benefit even before you get paid training.
Before deciding for IELTS the most important Secrets to keep in mind which are never Disclosed or Ignored altogether is That IELTS is not an English Test alone Rather IELTS is an English cum Intelligence Test required excellent Time Management Skills.

Before YOU pay to British Council to take test WHY NOT BE ASSESSED free of Cost, as after all IELTS is an AssessmentTest.

Certain tricks required to GET THROUGH even with Average English.

Why me as an IELTS Trainer?
One can get these benefits if hires my training services for either IELTS or English Language;

(1) Free written and oral assessment as per British Council criterion also given to client for his/her own self-assessment.

(2) Minimum training duration is 3 hours and maximum up to 7 days training as per client’s choice as well as need.( these are two training duration options).

(3) For 15 days after the completion of training period client can send his/her assignment for free assessment and evaluation of his/her progress and can have 3 Skype meetings for any discussion on problem or any necessary lecture revision after seeking confirmation for the availability of the trainer.

(4) If the date of test is not booked already but booked 50 days after the training period the client even then can have 3 free of cost sessions either for re-training or re-evaluation but 7days before the Real test subject to confirmation of availability via email.

(5) While preparing for IELTS, the weakness in English proficiency would also be addressed by giving short but comprehensive English language lectures.

(6) Notes and samples would be provided via e-mails.
(7) Client can request for Notes only too if he/she wishes to do self-preparation BUT may have sessions if necessary as mentioned above.
(8) Client can ask all relevant questions to remove his/her doubts before hiring services for IELTS training.
(9) A client can also enjoy the facility of only paying per session which is 10 US$ if a client intends to move as per his/her satisfaction instead of full payment for the full course. This is for the entire satisfaction of the client.
(10) 50% of the paid fee either for one session or for the whole course would be returned if the client finds no satisfaction in his/her first session and if the client continues after first lecture , it will be considered his/her complete consent for the entire course.

Technology Used

(1) Free Written and oral assessment before hiring full services for the whole course.
(2)Session on Skype or One-on-One Physical at the recommended place or only through Notes as self-preparation but with the opportunity of taking session(s) if required as per agreement.