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I bring ideas to life :

Writing & Editing

research, written & edited by ebook professionals


Ghost written content means 100% rights transferred to you


cover design and stock images for free


standard delivery time of
2 weeks


research, written & edited by ebook professionals


one hundred percent SATISFACTION GURANTEED


I also do marketing of the e-book through the following three steps:

You’ve got to learn about marketing. Here are some simple steps:

Step 1: The very day
when you have the idea of the book in your head, sit down, give the book
a title, and write down who the book is for.

Step 2: The next step is to create a book cover. You can get that done  on Fiverr.com for only $5.

Step 3: Place the image of your bookcover on your blog,
on Facebook, or wherever you tend to hang out. You can say, ‘Hey, I’m
writing this book,’ and build anticipation. It’s like the way big movies
do it. You can see the trailer long before the film is ready for

Step 4: Create a short video or blog post about your
book idea with an email signup form. Six months down the track when
you’ve actually written the eBook, you’ll already have a group of
customers waiting for it.

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