I will vectorize,tracing logo or image into vector

in 1 days, with 5 revisions

Service Description

You have your brand logo but it's not in good quality and small that you can,t use for commercial purpose OR you didn't have original files of logo for changing color or text. we are here, provide solution of your problems:
Vector tracing of any image
Redraw logo
Sketch to digital image
Change colors
Re scale-able image for better result
Vector conversion
Enhance image Quality

Technology Used

All works doing manually using Adobe Illustrator.
No Human Pictures And 3d Design Images.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vector tracing service ?
vector tracing is basically convert the raster base images into vector base for high quality purpose. Vector tracing do for increase quality of images and make logo sketch into digital form.

Vector tracing process and tools?
After taking all requirements from our client make concept of image and color scheme.we used adobe illustrator and do all tracing manually using pen tool.We also used adobe Photoshop when we need.