Course Author Required

Posted Date : 15/06/2019    Posted By: Talal Ahmad
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Project Description

looking for Course Author to develop online courses. As a course developer will help in developing and recording (voice only) one or more of the following subjects,

Mastering Python Microservices
• Disaster Recovery on AWS for DevOps
• Hands-On Automation Testing with Selenium WebDriver 4
• Active Directory with PowerShell Core 6.1
• Mastering Google Cloud Platform
• Monitoring and Logging on AWS for DevOps
• Design for High Availability & Elasticity on AWS
• Advanced Jenkins [V]
• Deep Learning with JavaScript
• Hands-On Edge Computing
• Algorithmic Trading using Deep Learning in Python
• Hands-on Progressive Web App (PWA) Development
• PySpark Recipes
• PowerShell Linux Administration Recipes
• Hands-On Cloud-Native Application Development with Java using Quarkus
• Scalable React Apps with WatermelonDB
• Implementing Windows Server 2019 Storage Solution
• Learning AWS IoT
• What’s new in Julia 1.0
• Automate your infrastructure deployment using AWS
• Mastering Pytorch
• AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner for Non-tech Personnel
• Troubleshooting Docker
• Design for Resilience and Reliability on AWS

Project Skills

Fluency in the English language with a clear accent.
Excellent communication skills, especially voice communication.
Sufficient knowledge about the course subject according to the course level.


Pick any course or no of courses.
Be clear in Communication and Voice
As you are shortlisted you will be presented to my client for an interview.

Be well organized Presentation and having interview skills

Who Applied Average Bid: $30