Freelancer Tour - How It Works

Basic Credentials

This is the signup form for a freelancer (one who is seeking work on this website). Fill in your basic information.

Phone Number

Kindly put your phone number when you signup. Rozgar Pakistan sends SMS on your all activities like new messages, update profile, new social message etc. It is the best way to get uptodate about the portal.

Verify Your Code

Once you put your phone number, you will get SMS with a unique code. The code is used to verify your account and go inside your dashboard.

Create Your Profile

Once an account is verified, you need to update your profile with all basic information. Here freelancers must put their nearby location so they can get on the front MAP of the webite alongwith other freelancers.

Record Your Video

This is a unqiue feature, you can record a video using your webcam (desktop or Laptop). A video profile has 33% better chance of getting HIRED.

Add Your Service

Freelancers can add their service by clicking on the BIG RED BUTTON on the top "Add service". Choose the category which best fits your expertise, populate your service with all necessarry information. The service added is shown in the marketplace.

Publish Your Service

Once a service is added, the service is published LIVE by clicking on "Publish your service". Once LIVE, employers can see your service and HIRE you for the job.

Get Notification

Once an employer messages you, the notification will be shown in your profile and you will also get SMS about the activity. All activities b/w a freelancer and an employer is shown in one thread in the DASHBOARD.

Your Work Space

This area shows an awarded project activity. If you are selected for a job, the ON GOING PROJECT shows the awarded project and activities related to it.

Social Network

Rozgar Pakistan has a built in social network, freelancers can communicate with each other, ASK questions, Share important information, upload pictures,videos of their work and do a lot more.

Get Answers

If you have asked a question related to work, for example you are a programmer and you are confused about a query, ask a question. Other freelancers can answer your question and help you out

Private Messages

Freelancers can send each other private messages, all activities are stored in the messages section and SMS is sent.