Web development freelancing is on the rise.

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  • December 29, 2015

Freelance web development Freelancing has become an attractive option for entrepreneurs. Many mature entrepreneurs are becoming freelancers themselves as for them it is a “Side Hustle” for earning extra income.

Freelancers offer customers a wealth of experience that may tip the scales in their favor. They represent almost a hidden source of potential that can work perfectly for the growing segment of the entrepreneurial market. Freelance web development has become a growing industry with the commercialization of web. Their basic interdisciplinary skills consists of web design and graphic design, Information architecture, copy writing and copy editing with web usability, accessibility along with search engine optimization.

Generally, web development can be split up into client side coding, covering the aspects as layout and design and also the server side coding which involves the website’s functionality and back-end systems. Web development has brought a dramatic transformation in communication and commerce resulting in e-commerce. Many online auction sites such as eBay have come up in this new era of technology and it has completely changed the consumer’s way of shopping.

Blog is also one of the good examples of transformative communications that are led by web development. Word Press and Movable Type are the web applications that have created implemented blog atmospheres for personal web sites. Many open-source content management systems such as Drupal, XOOPS and TYPO3 and enterprise content management systems such as Alfresco and eXo Platform have become extremely prevalent as they have increased web development’s impact at online interaction.

Data entry error checking through forms and encryption are also some of the security considerations that are taken into account by a freelance web developer. SQL injection which is considered a cruel practice can be executed by users with ill intent yet with only primitive knowledge of web development as a whole. Protection of the web server from intrusion is often called Server Port Hardening and web developers come up with many technologies to keep information on the internet safe when it is transmitted from one location to the other. Therefore, a good freelance web developer is considered to be accustomed with the understanding of information technology security concerns.

In Pakistan, many experienced freelancers are providing contemporary solutions to the website development issues. Due to this advancement in information technology, starting a business today has become a reality for anyone who sets his or her mind to it. Creating a website is not a big deal at present but freelancers in Pakistan are developing such interactive websites that create brand identity for the customer by making a custom website with all of the resolutions of marketing.

Although Freelance web developers have solid skills in their professional craft but they also need to be able to sell their services and keep building good relations with client for establishing a solid base of ongoing business opportunities. Although being a late entrant in the field if IT, Pakistan is still progressing at a good speed. The freelance web developers are contributing a lot to the economy thus enabling skilled individuals to earn a decent livelihood and maintain a good standard of living.

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