Start Freelancing. Why Pakistan’s own freelance space?

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  • January 24, 2015

You want to start freelancing but do not know how?

You want to start your business but you have no clue what is the first step?. Many fresh technology entrepreneurs face this problem.

Well, the answer is – start a “freelancing work“.

You do not have to be afraid of the word “freelancing”. Its actually easier, much fun then you think. All that needed to be done is, explode your skills and search for the people who are looking for you. If you do it right, there is a good chance you are already in the game before you even imagine.

Here is a easy cookie cutter way to consider freelancing:

Know your SKILLS:

You have been working for someone, full time or part time and getting paid for it. This shows you have a skill which earns you money. The basic advise here would be, consider polishing that skill and start a freelance work. You can offer that service to your clients and get paid for it. Let’s take few examples for discussion here.

– You are a web developer, you can find clients who need a freelancer doing website development.

– You are an accountant, you could be useful to the people requiring book-keeping

– You are a graphic designer, people looking to get a logo, brochure or flyer done would be needing your services.

All that matters is, you are able to take your skill seriously as a freelancer and offer your services to your potential clients.

What AM I worth for?

A Million dollar question, honestly speaking early bird freelancers do not know how to price and what is the true worth of their work and services.

A basic way to get started is, start low and then gradually UP the rate as you taste success and secure clients. The typical wage for a Pakistani Freelancer (starting their career) is around US$5 per hour. Once they have successfully completed few jobs, got good feedback for their work and as the demand of their service rises, the price per hour can also go up. We have written an article about How to Freelance in the past.

Where are the clients?

Now this is not as difficult or a uphil task as it sounds like. Alright, you are a freelancer who has been working full time till now and have no idea how to find online work, the trick to find people looking for you is not that hard. Start with people around you.

Confused? eh!

let’s consider few possibilities here. Key to doing your own work is “reach out to the people”

Imagine you are:

– A writer looking for work, you can request the writers around you. They could be looking for additional hands to share their work load.

– A web developer looking for work, you can see how your other developer friends are doing, approach them and tell them about your new job. You can be asked for an assistance in their web project.

– An accountant, you can request your accountant friends, there is always a chance they need to share their load and you could be hired.

You may also know about Signup as a freelancer, post your services and apply on the open projects related to your expertise, BE SMART and you could be on the tip of the iceberg.

Why Pakistan’s own Freelance Marketplace:

The answer is simple. It is very hard for a fresh Pakistani graduate looking for work to get freelance jobs in world’s competitive portals like Elance, Odesk, Guru. On Rozgar Pakistan, we dream of empowering all Pakistani talented freelancers ir-respective of their location, school and background. All that matters is, they have to be skilled.

On Rozgar Pakistan we showcase talented Pakistani Gurus. Employers from all over the world can post jobs, hire them.

To know more about Rozgar Pakistan, see the well explained graphic below.

Happy Freelancing!



  • thanks to make, janab acha kam kia hai or ak achy or sachy Pakistani hone ka saboot deya hai

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    Nice idea and the website looks great. just wondering why you di7#8n&21d;t decide keep to keep it all web based. This would have helped avoid all the printing and cost issues there. Plus most kids now our so computer savvy. You could still have had the printing designs done but make them PDF’s so the printing costs sit with the users.Anyhow that’s just my 2 cents, nice work.

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