Leveling the playing field, taking freelancing in Pakistan to the next level

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  • December 27, 2014



This is not a crowded air space over Pakistan. These green pins show few of the freelancers on Rozgar Pakistan; who have marked their location in their profile. This map is shown on public profile of every freelancer. The idea is to put freelancers in touch with each other and have employers hire them on the basis of their proven marketplace history, quality of work, services and social networking.

The profile of a freelancer shows their city “location”, their services for HIRE, videos which they can record from their dashboard using webcam and their latest social network activity on the portal.

YES, you’ve read that right, the Social Network.

Social networking is the latest module rolled out inside the freelancer dashboard. The first of its kind, Rozgar Pakistan lets freelancers share cool stuff, ask important questions, upload pictures of their work in the category they have subscribed to and lots more. It is built very much on the lines of Stack Overflow where IT professionals can share information, ask questions.

This initiative will help freelancers grow together on Rozgar Pakistan; as they help others within their category with right answers.


This screen-shot above shows how the new social network in freelancer dashboard looks like, we are all familiar with this typical social network look and feel. The UI (user interface) is kept easy, simple and useful

Here, one can ask questions and get answers from those who are willing to engage in the conversation. The best part is, it is all “real time”. If there is any activity on the social network in a particular category, it will show instantly on the wall without needing to refresh the page. The notifications are also real time which just enhances the engagement level of freelancers.

The concept is fairly simple, put all freelancers from Pakistan under one umbrella, help each other, grow together and communicate. The playing field has been leveled, giving a fair chance to all freelancers to participate.

They say, its not the play field which determines a winner, it is the PLAYER who does so.

Happy Freelancing Pakistan.

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