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  • December 3, 2014


Pakistani Freelancers have been doing some pretty good work and making a good name for themselves as well as for Pakistan in the international freelance marketplaces. While searching for the keyword “freelance work” in Google Pakistan, I came across few gems who have done magnificently well and that excited me to search more about the service providers from this land.

The benefits of online work are unlimited. If you are employed full time and looking for a passive income then freelancing could be a right option. Many people learn a particular freelance skill, master it and then offer their services online. Once a steady income begins to flow-in they quit their full time job to pursue full-time freelance career. Online freelance jobs typically vary from requiring services of a web developer or a graphics designer to blogger or SEO specialist and lot more.

As a freelancer the age limit, your location does not matter, for example if you are a web designer from Pakistan and do freelancing then how old you are, your gender, city you live in or at what particular time in a day you work hardly factors in.  All that matters to an employer is you are able to deliver top quality work and meet a deadline without a delay.


One of the interesting fact published at Tech Juice had me look at the above image twice. Almost over 40% of freelancers registered at are from Pakistan. These freelancers belong to different services but the majority of them belong to Web development category offering simple html work, database driven PHP/ASP websites, website UI and complex e-commerce websites.

The statistics establish the fact that Pakistani freelancers are extremely talented and are doing good in international marketplaces. Hard work and patience is the key to successful freelancing. If you have the skills and know your game then sky is the limit.

The Freelancers and their foreign remittences are bringing revolutions in the economy of Pakistan. The un-confirmed report says that nearly over 40% of skilled services providers have taken freelancing as a career because of its Proven Advantages.

If you are a fresh starter and need some online help to get hands on, there are few good resources available on the internet. The websites like Online URDU Ustad is gaining good popularity among freelancers seeing help online in URDU. I came across this closed Facebook group Pakistani SEO & Bloggers or  Pakistani Probloggers which has some smart brains helping other freelancers with various issues.

Pakistan can reclaim its true potential if FREELANCE industry is seriously addressed by the Government and it begins to invest more in innovation and technology. If that happens a brighter day will surely come.



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