Adding value with web technology

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  • January 4, 2016

The best way to stand out and get a chance of survival in a swarming court room is to offer more than a transcript. Lowering the prices in the long run will not help in growing the business, until you add value to that transcript. Concept of value added services is not new but the advancements in technology have helped in innumerable ways that are uniquely suited to court reporting and other authorized firms.

The beauty of web technology lies in the fact that without hiring new employees you can add services to your business. Web technologies are even helpful in leveling the playing fields as small firms can offer the same level of service as large firms are offering.

Some of these technologies can help you get awesome ideas to sustain your business. Getting your offices online are secure sites where your customers can have access to information they want. Clients can get details of a scheduled depot or an outstanding invoice, or a copy of transcript while away from office. They can get this kind of information anytime and anywhere they have access to internet. With automated offline offices, you can extend your customer support hours to around-the-clock, 365 days a year without any need for increased staff. The clients will have access to up-to-date information if you connect it directly to billing and repository system. All this can be achieved without adding the extra staff.

Your knowledge can be brought under a perfect use; if you have expertise then you can make it easy for other to learn from you if you host a webinar. The web-based seminars or Webinars are interactive online presentations and can prove as an ideal teaching tool. These are low cost as no one needs to travel to attend these webinars, all you need an online connection and a phone. Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to increase their knowledge and meet up with their certification requirements so if you can actually offer convenient ways to earn credit; it means you are seriously adding value to your services.

You can improve your online services with technology. Online order forms have the same promise of offering round-the-clock convenience therefore by adding directions on your forms for using browser auto-fill competencies. When the browser fills in some of the fields therefore there will be less for the clients to type. Less typing will encourage more clients to use your form. This significantly reduces typos and omissions on your customers’ part, thus streamlining the process for both the entrepreneur and the client.

Adding value to your business by using web technologies is aimed at strengthening ties with your reporters and service providers. You need to offer services which reporters can benefit from. Also online communities can strengthen your relationship with reporters by making them feel that they are an important part of a common group. Provide useful content that keep getting updated, so clients have a reason to check back to your website. By posting adding transcript of speeches that you have given, you can relate positively to your audience. Publicizing upcoming events of interest to your clients, employees and reporters, you can nurture a kind of participation to build your own community which in turn adds value to your business.

By incorporating these marketing plans, you can differentiate your business from the pack and provide numerous reasons to your clients to choose you every time. Through the intelligent use of web technology and by providing exceptional services, you can win the hearts of your customers.

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